Day 1: Who moved my cake?

Last week, as I went to drive home after a long day at work, the unthinkable happened.


I suddenly had a sinking feeling that I shouldn’t be picking up the little one from daycare. Well, if I didn’t want everyone to know that I was wearing hot pink undies, that is.

I had had enough. Actually, I’ve had enough a while ago. Last winter, I decided that I wanted to drop a few pounds. And then I got pregnant. That whole “growing another human being” thing really puts a wrench in weight loss.

As of today, I’m currently 43 pounds above a normal BMI.

Holy buckets! Seeing that number really makes it hit home.

This year, I’ve tried counting calories and that worked. For like 3 days. But then I started reading up on the paleo diet and decided to give this one a try for 30 days.

I’m going to be honest: this is going to suck. I love carbs. I love sugar. Pizza is my vice.

But I hate those 43 pounds more.

Here’s a look at what we’re making for dinner tonight!